Kit repair Taperlok fastener

AIRBUS specific kits for maintenance repair of Taperlok fastener holes.

Maintenance repair of fastener Taperlok holes has always required specialized operators to avoid machining errors that can be detrimental to the structure.

At the request of Airbus, SOA has developed a specific manual repair Kit for Taperlok  fastener bores which is very easy to use and allows any even non-specialized operator to carry out repairs. Taperlok reamers are used for as tapered  fasteners for primary structure assemblies.

The SOA Kit includes the cutting and inspection tools required for a repair.

The specific Kit and SOA repair procedure have been qualified by Airbus, incorporated into the various Structure Repair manuals (SRM) and are now used throughout the world by all airlines and MROs for AIRBUS maintenance.

You will find below the link to SOA tooling table to define which SOA kits to use based on fastener existing Taper Lock diameters and those to go up in repair dimension.